Publications in peer reviewed international journals  

  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie, BETTI Thierry and METZ Théo (2024), “Fiscal multipliers, public debt anchor and government credibility in a behavioural macroeconomic model “, European Journal of Political Economy(rang 2 CNRS, rang A HCERES), forthcoming.
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Expert reports

  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie (2014), European public expenditure: Community level and National level, Briefing Note, European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies, Policy Department : Budgetary Affairs.
  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie (2013), Non community European Spending: A little known yet substantial reality, Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors, Policy Paper, n95, september. 

Policy papers

  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie (2024), L’UE à la veille des élections européennes : Défis à relever et leviers d’action, Institut Sapiens (see publication)
  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie (2017), Thinking the EU budget post 2020 : the need to consider the crucial role of European Regions, dans Assembly of European Regions  (Eds), Report on regionalisation (Part II).

  • BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie et RUBIO Eulalia (2012), Spending better together - Analysis and recommendations, Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors, Synthesis, november. 
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