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Amélie BARBIER-GAUCHARD is Professor of Macroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Strasbourg. Her field of interest are macroeconomics, fiscal policy, government performance, public finance and European integration. She held various advisory positions for the French Prime Minister Services in Paris, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Committee of the Regions.


She is Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management since 2012. She is also head of the Master degree in Macroeconomics and European Policies (second year) since 2008, and of the Bachelor degree in Economics and Management (second year) since 2022. 


In 2018, she co-authored a book with Moïse Sidiropoulos and Aristomène Varoudakis on the future of the Eurozone entitled "Gouvernance économique de la zon euro : réalités et perspectives" published by De Boeck. Moreover, she is author of numerous academic articles, policy papers and chapters in book on the EU.


Since 2012, she has been involved in the management of interdisciplinary research project on European issues. She is no co-manager of the Thematic Interdisciplinary Institute named "Making European Society" (MAKErS), a research and teaching program for 8 years (2021-2028) gathering researchers on law, economics, political science, sociology, demography and history. This ambitious program aims at developing and promoting research methods on European studies. 


She hold a Jean Monnet Chair (2021-2024) entitled "Understanding and Disseminating on European Fiscal Integration" (UDEFI) Chair dedicated to develop an international network of researchers working on the issue of European budgetary and fiscal integration and to promote a European training dynamic on all issues related to the exercise of economic policy in the European environment, in partnership with a number of European universities.


Finally, she was nominated as Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2022-2027) on a research project on fiscal discipline, fiscal transparency, trust in government and government credibility in the EU.

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