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Welcome to my personal website.

Here you could find my full CV and some information about my activities.

Full CV (PDF format)
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Current position :

Current position at the University of Strasbourg (FRANCE) :

- Assistant professor in Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management

- Researcher in Economics at BETA, member of ERMEES team



Fields of expertise :

Macroeconomics, fiscal policy, monetary union, fiscal federalism, fiscal discipline.



Teaching activities :

Macroeconomics, Monetary macroeconomics, Fiscal policy and public finance, European integration, Macroeconomic governance in the EU.



Research activities :

Project Leader of the IDEX-CNRS « Construction and use of indicators in European governance » (2013-2015).

Project Member of the PROJEX « Strasbourg School for European Studies » (2012-2015)

Project Leader of ERMEES Team (Strasbourg European Macroeconomics Research Team) 



Doctoral supervision :


THOMMEN Yann (since 2016), Collective bargaining and labor market in the EU (co-direction with Francesco de PALMA).


DAHMANI Narimène (since 2015), The economic value and the impact of geographic information in the territories (co-direction with Sandrine WOLFF). 


LE Duc Anh (since 2013), Government Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Vietnam

(co-direction with NGUYEN VAN Phu).


MAZUY Nicolas (since 2013), Impact of monetary union on structural heterogeneities in the EMU

(co-direction with Moïse SIDIROPOULOS).


BETTI Thierry (2011-2015), Fiscal policy and the labor market in the Euro Zone : Multipliers, spillover effets and fiscal federalism(co-direction with Giuseppe DIANA).



Expert activities :

Scientific expert for the Commissariat général à la stratégie et à la prospective (Centre d’analyse stratégique before 2013), French Prime Minister Service (Paris, 2007-2014)

Scientific Advisor for the Committee on Budgets of the European Parliament (Brussels, 2013-2014)

Scientific Advisor for the SAFE Commission (Special committee on the policy challenges and budgetary resources for a sustainable European Union after 2013) of the European Parliament (Brussels, November 2010)

Scientific expert for the Committee of the Regions of the EU (Brussels, September 2010-June 2011)



Main academic publications :

BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie, de PALMA Francesco, DIANA Giuseppe (2014), 

"Why should Southern economies stay in the Euro Zone ? The role of labor markets",

Economic Modelling, vol 43, p. 201-208.



"Le déficit structurel : un indicateur riche d’enseignements",

Revue Gestion & Finances Publiques, n° 1/2, janvier/février.


"Les politiques budgétaires confrontées à la mobilité : Comment luter contre les conséquences dommageables de la concurrence fiscale dans l’UE", 

Politique étrangère, juin.


"Fiscal competition and redistribution in the EU : The relevance of central government intervention", 

European Union Review, vol 12, no 3, p111-133.


"Fiscal federalism, discipline and selection adverse : Lessons from a theoretical model", 

Economics Bulletin, vol 5, no 1, p.1-8.

BARBIER Amélie et VILLIEU Patrick (2003), 

"Quelle cible de déficit dans la zone euro ? Les enseignements d'un modèle à deux pays",

Revue économique, vol 54, no 3, p.453-464.


Expert reports :


European public expenditure : Community level and National level,

Briefing Note, European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies, Policy Department : Budgetary Affairs.


Non community European Spending: A little known yet substantial reality,

Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors, Policy Paper, n95, september.

BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie et RUBIO Eulalia (2012),

Spending better together - Analysis and recommendations,

Notre Europe-Institut Jacques Delors, Synthesis, november.

BARBIER-GAUCHARD Amélie, LE GUILLY Marie-Françoise et MAREUGE Céline (2012),

Scoreboard of European public spending: An aggregated approach to clarify the organisation of public finance in the EU,

Centre d’Analyse Stratégique, february.


Thinking the EU budget and public spending in Europe: the need to use an aggregate approach,

Notre Europe, Brefs, n29, june.




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